We invite to participation in the actions devoted to European Heritage Days in Belarus which will pass on 30 September  from 15:00 by 18:00 in art gallery of Michaiła Savickaha, Minsk, Svoboda Square, 15.

 In the program:

• Opening of European Heritage Days in Belarus – 2016;

• Booklet presentation «Heritage And Knowledge» and opening of an exhibition «Cities and towns of Minsk regions. Urbanistic Sketches»;

• Presentation of the documentary «Restauratio»;

• Presentation of projects of youth public association of «Historyka»;

• The presentation of a new heading of the ICON «Heritage» edition under the direction of and with the participation of the creative workshop "MART" .by ICON and Foundation «Cultural Heritage and Modernity»;

• Concert of the folk groups «Strała» and «Etnasupołka» of department of ethnology and folklore of Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts.

 European Heritage Days in – this large-scale cultural event which was it is officially approved by the Council of Europe in 1991. From 1999 the program is carried out in cooperation from the European Union under the motto «Europe: only heritage». The actions devoted to «European Heritage Days» to be held by the states which ratified the European cultural convention. Belarus is in their rank.

Every year member countries of the Convention will offer own subjects of this international project. In 2016 it is chosen the subject «Heritage and Community». In our republic in the context of the offered general subject events under the motto «Heritage And Knowledge» will be held.

The XXI century – time of domination of information, knowledge and means of their broadcasting. In borders of political, social, cultural processes which occur as in all-European spaces and in each country relevance of knowledge of cultural properties gains the new importance and brings changes in their functioning. It is difficult to overestimate a heritage role for modern society as it is the spiritual potential of the nation, a basis of her cultural diversity and originality. In the context of knowledge and understanding of hereditary properties there is an identification process as each person separately and the nations in general. Dissemination of knowledge about the heritage opens the new horizons in studying of other cultures, cultivates respect for them, promotes a settlement and development of social, educational, cross-cultural relationship.

Action by European Heritage Days the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus in common from the Institute of Culture of Belarus gets on with partner support of Minsk City Executive Committee, Museum of history of the city of Minsk, the National historical museum of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts, youth public association of «Historyka», the ICON edition, the creative workshop «MART», Foundation «Cultural Heritage and Modernity».

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